Saturday, January 17, 2015

Picture Overload

yep, finally at a computer where I can send pictures, so here it goes. 

don´t have too much to report on this week. I made banana pancakes and french toast this last week and felt like I was becoming quite the chef. then we had dinner with the other hermanas last night and they made a gourmet meal with meat, veggies and rice in like 30 minutes....yes I only have room for improvement. 

por favor click the link above and watch the short video clip. it has such a powerful message and is something that we have been trying to share with as many people as possible. put it on facebook, put the link on your instagram, every member a missionary, and this is one simple yet powerful way to serve.

I was reading the notes I took in the MTC while watching a talk by Elder Bednar "Character of Christ". He said that "We should be on an earthly pursuit to learn OF Him (Christ), not just ABOUT Him." To me that means that not only should we learn about His life on Earth and the miracles he performed, but we should try to live like Him, make decisions like He would, love others like He would. I hope that we can all can remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas as we celebrate the holiday this month.

Thank you for all the love and support. I am doing great and am so grateful for all of you back home. LOVE YOU ALL.

Con Amor, Hermana Blair

here is a picture of before the two baptisms last week. everyone in the picture is normal height and I actually have just grown a foot.

Tupungato, the best area ever!

 I realize its a blessing to able to be fed by the members, and its a blessing to be fed meat, but this is what I have eaten everday for lunch for the past 5 days. its tasty, but I fear that by the end of my mission I will come home one big chunk of meat. you are what you eat.

 we went to this tourist place called Manzano, again, last pday. Played some Uno and walked around. We seriously play Uno all the time. I liked it at first.....and now....

 I also really like the houses here. I don´t know why but this particular wall always makes me really happy...that sounds so sad but yep at least I am happy.

 more or less my area.

 my buddies from my MTC district

 we live behind and underneath the tall orange one. it just got painted orange, it used to be gray. yep that is where I live!
cute little girl, I can´t remember her name but her family calls her Bruja, which translates to Witch. its because of her hair, but it still seems sad to me.

 what we eat almost everyday. wooo! this was today, its at a park with these big things of concrete especially to make Asado. kind of like a park with fire pits, but not.

I always take pics of my comp while she is sleeping, she falls asleep all the time, this was her returning the favor. We had just eaten about half a cow for lunch with a member and I feel asleep after praying. I now know why Argentina has a Siesta for part of the day, digesting animals takes a lot of effort!

well that is my life, love you all!

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