Saturday, January 17, 2015

First Trimester

Wow, what a week, went by fast but it was good! So everyday we have lunch with a member. We go over to their house at around 1 pm and eat lunch with the family. We usually never eat dinner. At first it was really hard for me to adjust, but now it is just normal. We get fed so much at lunch that I usually never want dinner. 

Anyway, so one particular day I had this plastic cup with me in my bag because I had taken it with me on the bus earlier that day for breakfast. All morning I had been getting a lot of flack from the Elders, they just think I am weird. So anyway, just remember the cup.

So this day the member said she wasn´t going to be able to feed us in her house and we could come pick up the food and take it back to our pench. Well we got there, and she had us come in, then she had us sit down, then she started to set up plates, and me and my comp were really confused. The family had already eaten and I guess plans changed and she was able to feed us in her home. 

So then she brings out the plates of food. It was milinesa and a big fat orange vegetable! I look at my comps face and she is just dying too. So we started eating, and I couldn´t figure out what this veggie was but it was terrible. We had that, milinesa, potatoes, and noodles. I was trying so hard to eat it with whatever else I could to drown the taste but it really was just so terrible. It was just the mom with us, she had already eaten, she didn´t even talk, she was just watching us eat. We were eating so slow, it was seriously so hard to get down. I just kept praying that maybe she would leave, and I still can´t believe it, but luckily she did!

I knew I only had a couple seconds, so remember the cup? I grabbed that out of my bag as quickly as I could and stuffed the veggie inside and then held the cup out for my comp so she could hide hers inside there too, but when I looked over at her, she was grabbing napkins and stuffing her milinesa inside. I think I just looked at her really confused, but it didn´t matter because the Mom started to walk back in so I threw the cup in my bag and continued eating.

We didn´t really think through the fact that she might notice that where there was once a big orange veggie there now is nothing, and the same with a big slab of meat. She looked at both of our plates but she didn´t say anything. But what was weird was my companion. She kept watching me eat, and she never does that. I couldnt figure out what she was doing, but seriously, as well as the mom, watched me eat every bite.

We continued to eat slowly because heaven forbid, I did not want seconds. We tried making more conversation, just anything to fill the time, and I already knew but I decided to ask how to make milinesa. I started by saying so you have the bread crumbs or whatever, and then you take the meat, and then she interrupted and both her and my companion said "well yes, but that wasn´t meat." I paused a little, and then remembered one Elder that had warned me about the terrible milinesa that some families serve.

I had just eaten a football sized milinesa of cow liver.

The veggie was terrible, I must say, but it then clicked to me why my companion was putting her milinesa in a napkin and not the vegetable. We continued to talk a little, I tried not to throw up, and then we hurridly left before she could ask to check our bags or something of the sort. 

So somehow I was able to eat cow liver, but not the vegetable, which was a gourd by the way. A nice big fat, plain, cooked gourd. But I am still alive and all is well. We have had some spiritual stuff happen this week too. Kind of I guess. Two of our main investigators moved so really we have just been walking. and walking. and walking. trying to find new people to teach.

It has been quite the experience living here in Argentina. I have completed 3 months of my mission and it is crazy how much I have already learned. I wouldn´t trade this experience for anything. I am learning so much about prayer and how to rely on the Savior. I know this church is true and that we are so blessed because of it. Thank you for all the love and support. I hope you will still be able to use your eyes after reading such a long letter.

I love each and everyone of you! 


Hermana Blair

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