Saturday, January 17, 2015

First Baptism!

wow, I seriously feel like my last pday was yesterday, this week flew. I had my first baptism which was really cool. Ana Laura is 15 and is super funny and I love her. She pretty much found us and already had a testimony and desire to be baptized. We have been working with her for the past month and this last saturday we were finally able to get her baptized! I feel so bad because we spent all day filling the font, the elders came and helped us figure it all out and then we just waited hours for it to fill. when I went to check on it to see if it was close, I felt the water and it was ice cold. Somehow the water heater had turned off (i am actually starting to think that the elders never turned it on, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt) and all the water in the font was freezing. The climate here is a bit weird and after a days of extreme heat, saturday and sunday were very very chilly! but nonetheless Ana Laura kept her happy attitude and was baptized. I can´t send pictures, yet again, but will send some in the future. More than 50 people came and we had a little party afterwards and it was an awesome beautiful experience.
So that was the pretty happy part of the week.
While walking through the streets we talk with people and invite them to visit the Mormon web page. I went up to one lady and started speaking, introducing my companion and I, and continued to try and speak to her. She ended up talking more with my companion and then as she was leaving she stopped and asked if I could speak Quechua because she couldn´t understand one word of what I had said earlier. haha. Quechua is the language that indians use, some of the people here can speak it, but mostly its just the people that live in the uncivilized areas....Haha, me and my companion had a good laugh about that. Yes, my confidence was completely shot, but still, haha welcome to my life. If I didn´t explain that well enough the lady coudln´t understand my spanish and thought I was speaking a different language. haha, how sad.
Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had an awesome day. I as well had a great day. It was the most different Thanksgiving I have experienced yet but it was still good. It was actually just a normal day but I know my dad will laugh at what I ate (he would have LOVED the meal.....) We had a cake of swiss chard (what is that?), ham, hard boiled egg, tuna, and tomatoes. wasn´t bad, I think my taste buds dont work anymore so maybe thats why i enjoyed it. well I got to go, love you all!!!

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