Saturday, January 17, 2015

Apostles and Popcorn

This week went by so fast and it was so much fun. We had transfers, I am still in Tupungato being trained and I love it here so that is good. The weather is warming up after a weird cold spell. I think I really liked the cold though.

This weekend we had a really cool experience. Elder Christofferson of the Quorum of the 12 came and spoke to my mission. We were at a stake center in Mendoza and the entire mission got to be there. We all got the opportunity to meet him and his wife. He asked us our names and where we were from, he informed me that "utah is still there" so that is good. The entire meeting was in spanish, both him and his wife are fluent, and gratefully I was able to understand almost all of it! He spoke about a lot of things but one thing that I will remember is how he is working on always having more gratitud in his life. It was interesting to me that that is what he wants to work on most, and really just solidifies the fact that gratitud is so important! I am so grateful for him and his service. It was a really fun and awesome experience. I feel so lucky and so grateful!! Elder Christofferson is now my favorite apostle, if I were to pick favorites.....

My first few weeks here the members would ask me if I was accostumed to Argentina or if I was settled in or whatever. I would tell them yes but in my head I was screaming the word no. And magically after 6 weeks I can finally say that I feel settled in and honestly I am loving my life here in Argentina. It has been SO MUCH FUN lately. I love the people here. Everyone is so different and it has been so fun to hear about peoples lives and learn their story. I feel so blessed to be here serving. I am loving being a missionary and I am learning so much. The spanish continues to come, slowly, but everyday I am learning more.

Last night me and my companion celebrated her 17 month and my almost 3 month mark. We walked so much yesterday trying to find people to talk to. Honestly it was hours and hours of walking. We kept passing popcorn stands and since it was Sunday, we didn´t stop to buy any. BUT. I am pretty sly and brought a couple packs of my favorite microwave popcorn from the states. We celebrated by having a bag of popcorn which was actually really funny because the fact that the popcorn came in a bag and was already pre buttered and salted completely blew my companions mind. She took pictures with it and just watched the bag as it sat in the microwave. She kept saying "how WEIRD." She wants to keep the bag haha. At first she thought the bag was edible, I think she was a bit disappointed when I let her know that it isn´t, America isn´t THAT weird.

But I am doing so swell. Riding the roller coaster of the mission. We have investigators that are progressing, mas o menos, life is good though. The Lord is blessing me more than I deserve. The country song "you´re gonna miss this" keeps running through my head daily and I am trying my best to live everyday to the fullest here. I am CONTINUALLY grateful for all of the love and support from friends and family. You are all in my prayers and I love each and everyone of you very very much!

CON AMOR, Hermana Blair

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