Saturday, January 17, 2015


So Abbey had a lot of struggles sending us pictures, and then it finally worked! So here is a picture overload. 

First Trimester finished! Too bad this is probably what 6 months pregnant will look like, this is just after any normal ol day of getting fed to death.

 The Hermanas of Valle de Uco

 Mi compañera is the little one, and then two youth in the branch that wanted to take a picture with us. They are cool though.

The lovely bathrooms here. Haha, have fun trying to imagine how it all works because there wasn´t water.

oh and look who I found my first day in argentina. how cool right? she was in the MTC here, now she is in paraguay? I think. Hermana Porter, representin.

 all I can think of when I see this picture is the line from tangled when the mom says "getting kinda chubby". haha. 

 Some of these are old, but seriously, just check out those mountains!

on the mountain. did I write about how we played capture the flag up there? this was a long time ago. But yeah I have played capture the flag in a lot of random places, a mountain in argentina being one of them.

Hermana Keil y yo. She is from hurricane ut and was the other hermana in my zone, this is us after hiking a mountain for pday.

What the streets of my area look like. Dad wanted a picture, so I just took one.

way back when we went to a monestary. how we get around the dirt roads of argentina!

we saw this AFTER we had walked through. this was from our hour long field trip with the elders as they showed us where are lunch appointment was.

the milk here comes in bags, so i then have to transfer it to an old water bottle. I actually really don´t like the milk here. so thats been fun.

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