Monday, November 3, 2014


Hola familia y amigas!
This last week seemed to fly by. I write down things during the week so I can remember what happened. When I read them it seems like it was so long ago. This last week I had my first kiss from a man. He isn´t a member and is the dad of our main investigator Ana Laura (15). We went over to her house for a lesson and I stuck my hand out for a handshake and he said "In Argentina, we kiss!" and then he grabbed my face and planted a big, scruffy kiss on my cheek. I wish I could have seen my own face, it was probably so funny. It took me by surprise. My hand was still outstretched and I kind of just stood there and dídn´t know how to react. And since then have had a couple more kisses from, lovely, nonmembers that aren´t expecting a handshake. Always scruffy and always awkward. But I am learning how to be a more loving person so that is a plus.
Ana Laura is awesome, she is our main investigator, she pretty much found us and is so enthusiastic about the gospel is crazy. We have a baptismal date set for her in a month and we are all pretty excited. She is 15, I guess she had a dream about something and it made her start investigating, she talked with the online missionaries and already has a testimony about everything and really is just such a sweet girl. She loves American things so she likes to talk to me about that.
I completed one month in the field a couple days ago. woo! crazy how time just keeps rolling. My spanish is improving little by little everyday so that has been good. But even when I feel like I am speaking my best, people still tell me they can´t understand me. So yeah that is fun too.
A lot of the young women in the ward have asked me if I have brothers. They are looking for a husband from the states. So look out Taylor, there are a lot of 13 year olds on your case.
Its funny how the food is starting to taste better. The candy that I didn´t think was all that special in the beginning, now i feel like it tastes like heaven. Everyday I am surprised by what I am able to scarf down when we are eating with the members. But at least it is becoming easier. However, there is one dessert that I absolutely HATE! its called anchi. Its ground corn, like powered corn, and lemons, mixed to the point that it is like applesauce, (looks like applesauce) and served hot. ughhh, it makes me want to cry and we always get served so much of it. maybe with time my tongue will just stop tasting things and it will be alright.
We had exchanges two days ago and I was with Hermana Keil who is also from Utah and only has one more month than me in Argentina. She came to my area and we tried our best to navigate the streets. I must say I am pretty proud of myself because we did a pretty good job. Also, she has the voice of an angel so we were able to knock some socks off with our opening hymn in each lesson. Haha, really though, it was just nice to hear a hymn sung in tune. We celebrated my one month by eating my favorite popcorn that I brought from home, and a small bag of sour patch watermelons, also brought those from home. It was a good day!
Yesterday it rained. The first time it has rained since I have been here. It seriously poured. I think that the rain here just collects itself in the heavens for months on end and then decides to randomly drain itself in five hours. I am thankful for umbrellas, must say. But I was really happy for the rain. We were trudging through puddles but I was able to picture just a little bit, what fall in the US might feel like right now. The only bad thing about the rain is that when it stops raining, the stench of everything that smelled bad before just gets amplified by ten. My sinus´s are now clear. woo!
Again, I can´t figure out the pictures. I realize that they are too big, but also these computers are weird and some are more faulty than others. I will try and figure it out but we never have time. NEXT WEEK! maybe I will get lucky.
I am doing great, loving life. My life is so strange. I laugh sometimes because really, I am here in Argentina, hanging out with a cute little peruvian, and we walk the streets and tell people about the true church on the earth today. I am sure people think we are crazy. but I am loving it!
Love you all and thank you for all of the love and support! Remember that we are all missionaries, no matter our age or calling.
Peace and Blessings. XOXOXO
Hermana Blair

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