Monday, November 3, 2014

Abbey Argentina

well, my life is crazy. that is what I think pretty much everday here. and of course I can´t upload pictures. something is wrong with my camera. I will figure it out soon! 

So today we went to a monestary. Granted I don´t understand what is going on about 80 percent of the time, today I really had no idea. The Elders set stuff up for every monday, and then us hermanas get invited! So we went to a monestary, a member picked us up and drove us there. We were all squished into this really old ford car. Like really old. And we were on this really rocky dirt road and I was just praying that his pieces wouldn´t start falling off his car. I don´t think anything did, I mean it kept running. 

So we get there and the "chapel?" is under construction. There is just this telephone sitting off to the side, we had to use it to call a monk. We call a monk, he came and gave us permission to walk around the grounds (I have never met a monk, he was really really sweet. And was totally rocking the socks and sandles, he pulled it off quite nicely) and then we just walked through some vineyards and then stayed entertained by trying to throw rocks into one of the Elders shoes. Yep. Weird. That is my life. It was fun though, hopefully I can send pictures next week.

Yesterday we had lunch at a members home, she lives pretty far away so we had to take a taxi. I really don´t think there are regulations to this taxi business. This guys just picked us up, we paid him money, and then he took us where we needed to go. Maybe I will become a taxi driver in Argentina after my mission, seems promising. Anyway.

So at this ladys house we ate cabbage, and tomatoes, dosed in oil. Mysterious meat, and bread. This lady joined the church about 20 years ago, but I don´t really understand. She thought it was the church of the Devil, but still wanted to be baptized. Yep. Then she went inactive, and now I think she realizes it is the true church but I can´t really tell. She let us dish up our own plate and I purposely only took like 2 small tomatoes. She asked me if I liked tomatoes, I said no, so then she took her spoon and put 4 more on my plate. Then she sat there and watched me eat every bite. Haha. Super weird.

I don´t think this letter should go on the blog because there isn´t anything spiritual, and it sounds like a dis to argentina. but ugh, I don´t know what else to write and my companion is just sitting here waiting for me to get off. I love you guys so much, thanks for all that you do! hopefully next weeks email will be bteter. I am just in a sad mood because my pictures arent working and I don´t have room left on my cards. I will figure it out. Love you all, have a great week!

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