Sunday, October 19, 2014

2 months gone

This week has been great, oh and SORRY that I didnt write yesterday. we had our interviews with the president, which were great, he is a lovely guy, but yeah, today is our pday.

We have been working a lot with the members here. We had lunch with the Singuri family. They have 4 kids that are incredibly crazy. The 8 year old boy always tries to kiss me, the girls always tell me my clothes are ugly and laugh at my spanish, and for some reason, they all love the food on MY plate, it must be better than theirs. haha, it is just always so crazy whenever we go over there. We helped set up for their sons birthday party and then we stayed for the first little part. They had a ton of family over, loud spanish music, and lots of bread. So I had a good time. But no joke, I was the tallest one there. Not even kidding. And there were probably 50 or so people. Everyone thinks I am really old because I am tall, also everyone gets very concerned about the welfare of my skin. I am always offered a spot in the shade and apparently the president is making all of the gringos buy sombreros, really just a hat big enough to shade our face and shoulders, so yeah thats huge, but that wont look weird at all......good thing it is the Spirit that converts.

I have been able to get to know my companion better as my spanish improves. We decided to tell eachother funny stories from our life. This one particular day I was sharing about the time I honestly thought I broke my bum because, first of all, the third platform at Lava Hot Springs is never a good idea. But better yet, dont go bareback horseback riding and ride your bike to Aggie Ice Cream twice within a one week period. Just tak my word for it. Anyway, so I tell her that, more story like obviously. And then she tells me about how she kissed a boy when she was 13, her little sister told her dad, so her dad sent her to the poorest part of Peru to live with her Aunt for three months. and I mean like poor poor. She rode a donkey everywhere and ate guinea pig as a delacasy. cant spell, sorry. anyway, ashley wasnt your first kiss at 13, I think your punishment is a little long overdue.

Anyway, so my companion is a boss. love her.

I cant believe that halloween is coming up. it is most definitely spring here. feels just like May.

I found my favorite scripture. for a while it was my favorite quote, then I realized while reading the scriptures, that it is actually a scripture. Dad, you said it to me right after I was awarded my scholarship to Utah State. I remember you didnt say congrats or anything. You just looked at me and said "where much is given much is required". That really pushed me to work hard in school. Now is has a whole new meaning to me. Luke12:48 says "...for unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required: and to whom men have committed much, him will they ask the more."

I have been struggling lately to understand why in the world I have been SO BLESSED in my life. There are people here that have NOTHING. Dirt floors, if lucky, concrete, and they are always so happy. So I wonder why was I placed into a wonderful family, in the United States in this day and this specific time. And I realized it doesnt matter. "Because I have been given much I too must give". At the last day The Savior will look back on my efforts to serve and what I did for others. I aspire to work HARD this next 16 months and I am everday grateful for the love and support that I get from family and friends. THANK YOU. Love you all and pray for you everyday.


Hermana Blair

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