Saturday, September 20, 2014


Alrighty, so this last week in the MTC has flown and has been SO MUCH fun. Last Friday I got my travel plans. Two Elders didn't send their visa stuff in early enough and have been reassigned to Oregon and Pennsylvania. It is really sad that we won't be able to fly out with them but it is really cool that they get to serve in two different missions. So we leave here at 6:00 a.m. on Monday morning and fly to Georgia and have a layover for a few hours, then we fly out from there at like 9 p.m. and then get to Buenos Aires at 8 a.m. the next morning. Anyway, we don't know what next happens from there but I will be sure to let you know.

Just an FYI I love hearing from everyone but if you send a Dear Elder after 12:00 p.m. tomorrow I won't get any of them. So if you are going to send something please send it tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks love you.

On Tuesday Elder Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us for our devotional. It was awesome to have a general authority there and he did a really good job. He spoke about prayer and it was amazing because just in his talk alone I had almost every question I have been pondering about, answered. He is the man.

I see Kenley all the time. We got to sit by each other at the Devotional and me and my comp played her and her comp yesterday in vball. I got to talk to her a little today while we did laundry so that was good too.

Me and Hermana Harris were asked by a teacher to help his district of all Elders with the law of chastity lesson. We were the investigators and the tea

 cher just told us to make it as awkward as possible. I thought it was really funny and I didn't feel awkward at all, but the Elders were so flustered and embarrassed, it just really made my day.

Okay, so earlier I wrote about how I got my travel plans and all that, and don't worry, I have my visa and my plans and all is well. Well, yesterday I got this letter that was addressed to me and was from the secretary of the Arizona Tempe mission. They said they were excited while anticipating my arrival and the letter was informing me of some changes made about the amount of clothes I would need to pack in my carry on or something. So me and Hermana Harris went to the front desk, they called Salt Lake and they confirmed that I actually do have my visa and that I will be flying to Argentina. 

All of the Elders in my district had read the note I had gotten but they had all gone to lunch. So me and Hermana Harris came up with this bizarre story of how all along I was actually supposed to go to Tempe Arizona Spanish Speaking and that the call I received to Argentina was actually wrong. Hermana Harris told them all and said not to talk about it because it was a really sensitive subject. I tried to be sad through out the day but it was actually really hard and I didn't want to waste a day being sad. So I didn't really try to hard to convince them, I would just say I don't want to talk about it if any of them asked. Anyway. So last night just so happened to be my turn for spot light. And it was awesome. Everyone had such nice things to say and I was so blown away and it was awesome. Luckily no one really brought up anything about Arizona or I would have felt really bad. But a few of the elders talked about how they just can't figure me out and how I am full of surprises (they really set themselves up for that one). So at the end I talked about how grateful I was to have at least been put in a district with all of them, and then I said that I know that the reason was so I could prank them all. And then it was silent. And then Elder Wilson was like "wait are you serious or are you kidding?" and I said I am actually going to Argentina with you all. And I didn't really know in the beginning how many of them really believed that I was going to Arizona, but it turns out that they all, hardcore, fell for it. They were so mad. I guess Elder Baesler had been telling everybody that had ears and was talking about how crazy it was because this has never happened in the church. One Elder said he had started fasting for me and a couple other Elders said it had really shaken their testimony about the way the church assigns mission calls. It was SO FUNNY. They are all still really mad about it and I am just so happy that it worked out so well. Oh my it made my life.

 I actually don't really know if that whole paragraph makes any sense, but I am going to Argentina. Although, here is the kicker. Hermana Streadbeck is in another district but got called to go to Mendoza. Her visa didn't come in time and last night she got her reassignment to AZ and on her paper it listed me as her companion but my name was crossed out. Really weird. I don't know what happened there but yeah I am still pretty sure that I am headed to Argentina.

So that is my funny story for the week. Gosh I just really love pranks. Me and Hermana Harris hid in a closet the other day and scared Elder Wilson. It was like 6 in the morning in an "empty" dark classroom.  He was singing scripture power as he walked in and was just trying to be a good soul and restock the toilet paper and tissue boxes for our service assignment. And we got him good. Haha, his face was the best I have ever seen. His arms were full and everything went flying. He hit the wall behind him and just fell over. Haha, it was the best.  He is the sweetest of all the Elders too so it was funny that we got him. But he scared us the night before so I don't really feel too bad.

Brother and Sister Hartman are our in our Branch Presidency. They are the coolest couple I have ever met (and are in Darby MT right now, Dad) and have been the greatest to our district. I remember taking the color test in school but I guess he is the creator of the Color Code. I don't know how popular it is but I guess it is a pretty big deal. So I will attach a picture with them below, they are awesome.

Well this very long email pretty much sums everything interesting up! I leave on monday and I will be so sad to say goodbye to everyone. I really still believe that me and Hermana Harris will be companions for the next 17 months. A sad realization will that be. I know hardly any spanish but I am excited to get to Argentina. The MTC has been so much fun and has been a great experience but I am excited to really get out there and help some people.

Oh, I have been watching this video over and over. Actually our entire district has. It is awesome. It is short, take a second to view it. 

I love you all and the next email you get will be from Argentina! hopefully.


Hermana Blair 

Her district. 

She's will be off soon! 

Las Hermanas 

Apparently they were standing by a Porsche 

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