Saturday, September 20, 2014

Semana Tres (week three)

So this I have been here for 3 weeks but I am technically in my fourth. We leave in like 18 days or something so that is exciting! I feel like when the 6 weeks is up I will be done with my mission, like it doesn't feel real that I will be flying to another country.

Things are great here. Each week I write down things that I want to tell you guys and then by the time p-day roles around, those things I wanted to say don't even seem cool or funny anymore.

So I guess last week I was just barely starting to feel like I was getting used to have "hermana" be my first name. Now I am totally used to it. When someone says "hermana!" in the lunch room, all of the girls heads turn. 

I know the first name of everybody in my district, and its weird because I feel like some first names don't fit the people. When I was asked I told the boys that my first name was Harriot and they struggled with that for a bit. When they figured out my name is Abbey they said that fit a lot better. Apparently I seem like an Abbey, but Hermana Matheson seems like a Brooke..her name is Aubree but the Elders are sure that it should be Brooke. Anyway. That wasn't what I wrote down to tell you but there you go!

The MTC seems like a breeding ground for disease. Sickness spreads like wild fire here! Once one person has something, everybody gets it. So that has been fun.

On Monday night we taught  a couple old guys again. I don't remember where they served but they still spoke spanish pretty well. My companion planned the entire lesson, she knew what she wanted to say and how she wanted to say it. We only taught two men and for 20 minutes each, so I wasn't too worried about the lesson and decided that I would just bare my testimony and say little things here and there. Well right at the beginning of the first lesson Hermana Harris had a cough attack and had to leave the room, when she came back in she couldn't even talk. She finally just left the room entirely leaving me with an old man, and no lesson. But the gift of tongues is real! I was able to teach and testify and it was all okay because   I am pretty sure the guy we taught has alzheimers. So I feel like he enjoyed it.

We went to the temple today and did sealings and it was the coolest experience ever! As hermanas we can only be proxies for daughters. There was an old couple that were the parents and they are the cutest couple I have ever seen. They have been married for 67 years and the husband is 90 and the wife is 87. Everyone could tell that they are still very much in love and it was just the coolest experience ever and I want to have a relationship like theirs someday.

So there is that! I am doing well and having fun. I love and miss you all!

Hermana Blair

oh and I have one of the best friends ever, check out the AWESOME package mckenley sent me. It was the cutest thing ever and really made my day. When you see her give her a high five and a kiss for me. 

ps chocar la mano is how you say high five

 ^^ Missionary Supplies ^^

^^The box of happiness Kenley sent Abbey. Ken needed something to do having all her friends on missions ^^

^^Hermana Blair and her wonderful companera Hermana Harris ^^ 

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