Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Semana dos: I taught Thomas Monson

First off, thank you for all of the Dear Elder letters. They are the best and getting letters is what keeps me going.

So yes this last week I was able to teach Thomas Monson......Thomas J. Monson. He was the sweetest old man, not the prophet, but still it was pretty cool! The language is coming along slowly but surely. My teacher served his mission in Mexico and has plainly admitted that he is teaching us "dirty" spanish, so that will be real great when I get to Argentina. I now struggle with writing and speaking english or spanish and it usually just comes out as spanglish, but at least that means there is some improvement with the language!

P-days actually stress me out quite a bit. We woke up early and did our laundry and wrote letters, went to the temple, and now we are here. Our district went up to main campus to have lunch and go to the bookstore there, and boy is the main campus a different world! The bookstore has 20 times the stuff we have at the west campus so all of us were going crazy in there! I bought another journal, books from the missionary library, and scripture markers and stuff. oh and I got a new, much needed, toothbrush so that was nice. 

We also went to the cafeteria there. I kinda wish we wouldn't have because now I know what we are missing out on. The cafeteria there is HUGE. And the food is way better. There are a lot more options, which could be a curse, but there are more HEALTHY options there. At the west campus we have 2 selections. Greasy Chicken or Fatty meat. I am so thankful for food, don't get me wrong (maybe a little too thankful for food) but I don't will never listen to anyone complain about the main campus of the provo mtc again.

We have 50 minutes of gym each day. Me and my companion dominate in volleyball so that is really fun. But usually we just end up playing 4 square with our district. I had never played 4 square until I got to college, weird how that has worked out. But my advice for any young person is to start on their 4 square skills now.

My district is really cool and we are all getting really close. A little too close probably. I don't know if I will be able to last the next 4 weeks with the same 8 boys but we will see. They are just really stinky and fart all the time, so that really invites the spirit.

A couple of the elders asked me the other day if I have ever been angry in my life. I told them I was a very angry person before my mission and that change is real. haha, but I thought it was really funny, their goal is to see me get mad before we leave. I really don't think it will happen, I honestly am loving it here. But who knows, maybe their stinkyness will throw me over the edge!

My favorite words to say in spanish are super (suPEAR) and unpoquitititito, which means really really really small. So its like unpoquito, which is small, but then you just add a lot of titittiti and that makes it really small. I hate the word verdad, which means truth, or .... right? My teachers say it ALL the time, even when it probably doesn't make sense, so now I dislike that word. Also, singing in Spanish is quite the experience. I usually don't recognize the hymn and can't read the words fast enough to be able to know what to say and how to sing it, but everyone just tries their best, and it usually sounds terrible.

This might surprise you but waking up at 6:30 hasn't been bad at all. Yet. I am sure the day will come, but I am actually doing great with the sleeping schedule.

I have a new found love for the book of mormon and honestly can't stop reading it. I love the stories and the words inside. I also have a new interest in the plan of salvation. I love being on a mission because I get to learn all of these things. It has been so great, I feel like I have been here a lot longer than two weeks but all is well and I am loving it. Thanks for all the love and support! xoxo

Hermana Blair

Me and Mi Companera Hermana Harris. 

None of us planned to match. Our light went out in our room and we got dressed in the dark. Great minds think alike.

The spirit is so strong at the MTC, it literally lifts me up.

Today at main campus, me and mi companera with the map.

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