Monday, September 29, 2014

Abbey's Argentine Adventure

Holllyyy Cowww,

I am in Argentina! Man, so much has happened since my last p-day. Getting here was crazy and kind of awful. I think over all it was like 36 hours of straight travel. Goodness I don´t even know what to include in this email.

I am in Tupungato serving with Hermana Vargas who is seriously the sweetest and cutest peruvian I know (and if I am correct, the only peruvian I know). She is really small, very patient, and doesn´t speak english. Woo! I feel so bad for her because I don´t really speak any spanish either, so it is quite a hoot when the two of us try and communicate. Sadly, I won´t be able to send pictures. Dropbox doesn´t work on this computer. But me and Hermana Matheson both got natives as our new companions and they call us ¨Giants¨ because we look so big compared to them. Self esteem boost right there. Apparently in this mission most of the girls gain like 20 pounds and lose a lot of hair. So, I will come home fat and bald, mmm, my favorite!

An old Argentine lady on the plane complemented all 80 of us missionaries on our well grooming. We said thank you and then she said, you all dress so nice that you will probably get kidnapped. So that is a plus too.

Apparently my area is the one that gets the closest to the Andes. Before I got assigned here people we talking about this one, they said mountains, and I said that is where I want to go. And here I am! It´s really dry here and sometimes reminds me of Cache Valley, and Oregon, and New Mexico all combined. Well the outskirts of my area remind me of that, but the ¨city¨ is a whole new world.

I really don´t know how to describe this place. Maybe look it up on google earth. Some places that we have been to are REALLY poor, while others are a lot nicer. The food is a wee bit weird as well. In my area potatoes, meat, and rice are really popular. We have had that for every meal, and we always have it all together. Honestly, I have already have cake where the bottom was rice, the middle was potatoes, meat, and cheese, and then another layer of rice on the top. And that was actually my favorite meal! I will have you know that I have eaten everything that was put in front of me, including all veggies and fruits. A couple days ago we were fed two lunches, and that was a struggle. But I did it. And gained 10 pounds. 

For some reason shower curtains are often absent here. The pole and the rings are there, but not the actual curtain. I have no idea why. Maybe they are in high demand? Hard to find? We went to the store to try and by one but they weren´t even being sold. But don´t worry, I will let you know when I find one. :)

I am happy here, I don´t know any spanish and I can´t understand anyone but I am happy. Oh and the clapping outside of peoples doors thing? Yeah I will have to get used to that one. Dad, I honestly thought that things would have changed 30 years later, but no I think it is still the same as when you were here.

To greet people we don´t shake hands. We kiss cheeks. Gah, I don´t even like hugging let alone kissing. So I am really bad at it and my face is breaking out from touching so many people. I actually don´t really like doing it, I will come to love it I am sure. But yesterday at church was the worst. There were so many people! Honestly, whenever you say hello and goodbye to someone new you kiss them. The worst part, and I don´t mean this offensively, is that everyone looks the same to me and I can´t tell who I have and haven´t kissed yet. Ah, its a struggle. But everything is just so funny to me. So crazy. That is the word I use most often. Crazy.

I wish I could send pictures. Tell Karma I got her Dear Elders. So I guess you can get letters here, but it all just depends on if the missionaries in the office will send them or not. 

Well I guess that is about all! There is just way too much crazy stuff to even try and type. Don´t worry I have written most of it in my journal and will have some lovely stories afterword. Oh, I had to bare my testimony in church yesterday. It wasn´t fast sunday. But yeah that went terribly and mostly people just look at my like I am stupid. Oh, (I keep remembering things) whomever told me that I wouldn´t stand out here, that is definitely a lie. I get so many double takes and people stare all the time. Sometimes when we are walking down the streets people will say, in english, Hi or Hello because they think its cool. My companion says it´s a good thing that I can´t understand because sometimes they say more than just that haha.

Also, everyone here is tone deaf. (I just took a deep breath in and out) I will have to get used to that.

Well I love all of you so much! I am so blessed and so happy that I have people supporting me!! I think of you all often and I pray for you always. 

Con Amor,


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