Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We spent a week in Oregon over the fourth of July visiting my mom's side of the family. Oregon is my second home. I love all the traditions we do while staying there. We went to the beach, hiked around waterfalls, cleaned out 30 year old jars of fruit from my grandma's cupboards, and celebrated the fourth with a picnic breakfast and bbq dinner.

 ^^the attention she receives from being the only grandchild sure is minimal...^^

^^Harper Lou. She is just too cute^^

^^no, we didn't just attempt a jumping picture, we just like to stand like that^^

^^my best buddy^^

^^happy happy happy^^

^^It was wayyy too windy and cold to stay for very long, but who doesn't love the beach?!^^

The next day we hiked around Silver Falls. Our family was very under equipped "gear" wise, but we made it work, and seeing the falls was worth it.

^^I love my sisters^^

^^and my niece^^

^^something about my nose must have been fascinating because she did this in every picture we tried to take^^

^^seriously the sweetest little person I know^^

 I took hardly any pictures on the fourth, but all in all it was a great day. Independence Day is my favorite holiday and spending time with family made it all the better.

^^Courtney and Harper left early so they could spend some of the holiday with Chris back in Utah. I had to throw in this picture, because seriously, just look at that little stance (diva)^^

^^and she wasn't letting me give her a kiss goodbye^^ 
because who wants to get kissed in an airport anyway........ha...ha.... 
(I really don't think I would mind actually)

And that was just some of the trip!! See you again in a couple years Oregon!

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