Sunday, July 20, 2014

miss mckell and her farewell

McKell is leaving for her mission to Guatemala in just a few short days. Me and Mckenley leave to Argentina within the next month, and Jessica (whom I just met and is the cutest/coolest person) leaves on her mission to Brazil shortly there after. Yes I know the picture above doesn't exactly express mine or Kenley's strong suit, but this is the picture Kell put on instagram, so I figured it would work here as well.

^^it's all about the 'grammin these days^^

I actually was asked to speak with Kell in my old home ward in Utah. My family and I made a quick weekend trip down and 'partied' while we could. It was fun to be able to speak with her and I am glad that I got to see her before she left!

^^we struggle sometimes at getting a good picture^^

^^kissing train maybe? we love each other wayyyy too much^^

^^but we finished with at least one decent one.^^

Kell and Kenley are going to kill it out in the field. I am so excited for each of us as we start our missions together!

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