Thursday, July 31, 2014

my montana summer

I love Montana! And sometimes when I say that people feel like an explanation is needed. I love Montana in the Summer time because there is so much to do outdoors! Me and my family spend time hiking, floating rivers, attending outdoor concerts, and exploring unique restaurants. It has been so much fun to live here for the past two summers. Here are just a few pictures that didn't really fit anywhere else, but I want to be able to look back and remember these good times.

^^ Miss Daisy Lyn came and visited us for a couple of days which was fun.^^
We floated the Clark Fork river and she and Ashley also went to a lake, and later had a fun time dancing with the hippies at a concert in the park.

^^ Ashley took about 300 pictures on just this hour and a half float trip alone. Me and Dais sure loved it....^^

 ^^Every week there are two different concerts at Caras Park. ^^
A bunch of restaurants set up booths next to the stage, so it's fun to grab some interesting food, listen to music, and watch the hippies dance/hula-hoop.

Besides all the campfires, family picnics, and an occasional horse ride, this was just a small tidbit of what goes on in Montana.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

miss mckell and her farewell

McKell is leaving for her mission to Guatemala in just a few short days. Me and Mckenley leave to Argentina within the next month, and Jessica (whom I just met and is the cutest/coolest person) leaves on her mission to Brazil shortly there after. Yes I know the picture above doesn't exactly express mine or Kenley's strong suit, but this is the picture Kell put on instagram, so I figured it would work here as well.

^^it's all about the 'grammin these days^^

I actually was asked to speak with Kell in my old home ward in Utah. My family and I made a quick weekend trip down and 'partied' while we could. It was fun to be able to speak with her and I am glad that I got to see her before she left!

^^we struggle sometimes at getting a good picture^^

^^kissing train maybe? we love each other wayyyy too much^^

^^but we finished with at least one decent one.^^

Kell and Kenley are going to kill it out in the field. I am so excited for each of us as we start our missions together!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We spent a week in Oregon over the fourth of July visiting my mom's side of the family. Oregon is my second home. I love all the traditions we do while staying there. We went to the beach, hiked around waterfalls, cleaned out 30 year old jars of fruit from my grandma's cupboards, and celebrated the fourth with a picnic breakfast and bbq dinner.

 ^^the attention she receives from being the only grandchild sure is minimal...^^

^^Harper Lou. She is just too cute^^

^^no, we didn't just attempt a jumping picture, we just like to stand like that^^

^^my best buddy^^

^^happy happy happy^^

^^It was wayyy too windy and cold to stay for very long, but who doesn't love the beach?!^^

The next day we hiked around Silver Falls. Our family was very under equipped "gear" wise, but we made it work, and seeing the falls was worth it.

^^I love my sisters^^

^^and my niece^^

^^something about my nose must have been fascinating because she did this in every picture we tried to take^^

^^seriously the sweetest little person I know^^

 I took hardly any pictures on the fourth, but all in all it was a great day. Independence Day is my favorite holiday and spending time with family made it all the better.

^^Courtney and Harper left early so they could spend some of the holiday with Chris back in Utah. I had to throw in this picture, because seriously, just look at that little stance (diva)^^

^^and she wasn't letting me give her a kiss goodbye^^ 
because who wants to get kissed in an airport anyway........ha...ha.... 
(I really don't think I would mind actually)

And that was just some of the trip!! See you again in a couple years Oregon!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

13.1, glad it's done!

A couple of weeks ago my family and I tried our hands (or should I say feet?) at something new. We traveled about 45 minutes up into Idaho and got ready to run on a cold rainy day. I just especially love the picture above, my mom was not having it with photography that day. oh and dad you are pretty cool too.

 ^^too cold to be outside^^

I have always wanted to run a half marathon and I made it a goal to do so before my mission. This race was my "lovely" Christmas present from my Dad last year, so yes I had known about it for a long while. However, with that said, I somehow completely neglected to train. Up until the day of the half, I still had never run more than 3 miles at a time. My older sister, who was planning to run it with me, couldn't make it, so Ashley (who woke up that morning thinking she was about to run a 5k) stepped up and decided to run it with me. All I can say is that there is some gutsss!

                 ^^Confirming that she really wanted to do this^^                                   ^^our honest feelings at that moment^^

^^Less than half a mile left^^

And we finished! I thought we did pretty swell considering we didn't train and were able to run almost the entire time (There were two HUGE hills throughout the race that most everyone walked up) so I am pretty proud of the both of us (and my dad, though he smoked us) and look forward to running another in the future!